our story


is written every day, since the first moment, focusing only on the main character: You. Your social-professional status allows you to access a beautiful lifestyle, in which you enjoy premium services, fabulous holidays, discreet friends and unforgettable moments. Why shouldn’t all of these great experiences in your life also be reflected in your partnership with a real estate company, which might assume the role of a real estate concierge?    

Couture Properties is a professional real estate company, specializing in luxury estates and homes. We understand the unique needs and demands of the clients in searching for impeccable services, and we are dedicated in finding extraordinary properties for these “connoisseurs of life”.

In Romania, we make a different stand with our exclusive dedication to the luxury real estate niche, which includes properties valued at 300.000 euro plus, or rented at a minimum 700 euro / month. This fact allows us to fully dedicate all the time necessary for understanding your needs and expectations.

We conceive tailor-made marketing plans for the sale or rental of your property, we offer management property services for your real estate portfolio (collect references about your future tenants, collect your rents, utilities and taxes payments, maintenance, etc.) and real estate consulting in the renovation, transformation or developing of your home.  

In order to fulfill our real estate concierge assignments, we extend our collaboration to experts in the fields of architecture, legal representatives, photographers, interior decorators, journalists, specialists that represent a significant support during our partnership.